Sandra Hall, LCSW

I identify as a bisexual, cisgender, white, native San Franciscan woman with a passion for social justice, especially related to LGBTQ rights and anti-racism.  I use she/they pronouns.  After a brief excursion to the Pacific Northwest where I began my private practice, I have returned to San Francisco and will keep my online practice available for surgery assessment clients located in California, Oregon and Washington (where I remain licensed).  


My earliest clinical work focused on children in residential treatment, many of whom had spent many years moving from one foster home to another, often compounding their earliest trauma. From there, I moved to Lyon-Martin Health Services, the only US clinic devoted to cisgender women and transgender adults. While I always trusted the relational value of my work, I began to question how much my clients were experiencing true, healing change. 


In 2012, I trained in EMDR (Eye Movement, Desensitization & Reprocessing) Therapy and my entire practice was transformed!  Finally, I had tangible proof of progress and heard countless times from clients how  EMDR had freed them from negative beliefs and emotional distress they had been carrying for decades.  However, when COVID-19 hit, I made the choice to secure full-time work and scale back my private practice to solely focus on surgery assessments.  I continue to love EMDR and will continue my training.

I also love scuba diving, reality competition shows, creative writing, and spending time in the forest or ocean with my wife and our whippet/beagle, Dieter.