Inner Sanctuary Wellness PDX (acupuncture, herbal medicine, bodywork in Portland, OR)

Relationship Gardening (couples counseling in Portland, OR specializing in couples with a trans partner, and inter-racial relationships incl. reparations rates if one partner is African/Caribbean American)

Brave Space (creates community and facilitates access to knowledgeable Pacific Northwest providers for transgender and non-binary children, youth, adults and their families)

Outside In (queer-affirming primary care, behavioral health, syringe exchange, tattoo removal, and supportive services to clients aged 16 and over in Portland, OR)

Lyon-Martin Health Services (primary care and mental health services for cisgender women and transgender or non-binary clients aged 18 and over in

San Francisco, CA)

Ridgefield Recovery Village (LGBT-inclusive alcohol and drug addiction treatment in Washington and Oregon)

Gender Assessment Letter Access Project (list of free or low-cost providers)

LGBTQ+ and Addiction (Causes, Resources and Treatment)

RehabSpot: How Do I Know if a Loved One Needs Help? (Recognizing the signs of addiction)